Sunday, June 25, 2006

Political Correctness to the Extreme

This weekend we helped some friends move into their first home; the wife is eight months pregnant and not allowed to do much beyond point where boxes are destined to sit.

While in the kitchen, we were enthralled by the neighbors' pet. It appeared to be a cat, but we've never seen a feline so large; it could cover as a small dog or a furball gone out of control.

While relaying this to her husband, she said, "Our neighbors have a huge black cat!"

His response: "African-American, dear. African-American."

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Chelsea Merz said...


I'm a producer for a public radio show. On wednesday we are doing a show on potatoes. I discovered your blog in researching potatoes because of the Mashed potato poem.

Can you please email me if you are interested in talking about your potato/poem intersection?

I'm at:

Cheers, Chelsea