Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And the Offers Kept Rolling In...

The graduate schools have been furiously reviewing applications to get acceptance letters out. Two more schools have contacted Eric, both with offers.

Let's go back to this weekend. We heard through a reliable source Notre Dame was going to be calling people this Tuesday, so Eric's weekend was tense as he tried to push that from his mind. Monday morning at work, with a couple of his bosses nearby, his phone rang. Eric didn't recognize the number and ignored it, hoping that if it was legitimate, they would leave a message. No such luck. Googling the number, however, led him to realize that not only was it a South Bend number, it was a campus prefix. He came home from work and saw some online posts from students stating that they had received offers of admission from Notre Dame that day. We were optimistic, but didn't want to presume anything. After all, there was a slight possibility that it was the world's cruelest coincidence of a wrong number (only Eric believed that possibility, though).

Tuesday arrives, and as soon as Eric's phone rings, he bolts out of the room to take the call. Now it was finally official. He could be Fighting Irish if he so chose. That seems to be where we will be headed, as that was his top choice going into the application process.

But we're not done yet. Today Eric was offered admission to the University of Southern California. On top of his stipend, he was also awarded a Provost scholarship for two years. Must be rough to be so blessed! Only in his dreams was he imagining he would have so many options at this stage.

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