Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sentimental Partings

Tonight was our last official meeting of our small group. Eric and I were so fortunate to get right into a group of couples from our church soon after moving to the Cities, and while there have been a couple changes in the make-up over this time, we have bonded closely with the other four couples. But this is the summer of transition. We're heading to Indiana, and one other couple is leaving as well, heading overseas. While my head is aware we're closing a chapter, I don't think it was real to me until sitting together tonight with the others in what may be the last time as a complete unit.

We closed our time together tonight with an exercise where we went around and shared memories and thoughts about each individual in the group. I'm a words-of-affirmation kind of girl, so it was such a meaningful and memorable close to our time. I loved sharing with the others what I appreciated most about them and nodded my head so many times as someone articulated exactly what I was thinking about another. Of course, when the focus was in my direction, there's the bit of me that wants to doubt all that was said about me, but I do take these comments to heart.

I recognize I've been so blessed in my life with relationships. Sure, times have been busy during the last two years, but I have always regretted when I had to periodically miss our small group times because of attending school conferences in the fall and spring or traipsing around Boulder, Colorado, for three weeks last summer. Small-group times are refreshing and encouraging and spur me on until the next time we meet. This group has been one that has seen us through our transitional time, and as Eric stated, without them, we likely would have left the Cities with no regrets. As it is, even though we anticipate the future, it aches to leave these beloved friends.

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