Monday, July 10, 2006

I Know What to Get the Golfers in My Family for Christmas

I've seen some interesting advertisements lately. First it started with an Arby's billboard that boasted, "We cater!" I'm not sure curly fries are quite up to being called 'catering,' but I'll let it be. Then there was the above advertisement in a restaurant. Consider: what may be the "proper preparation" for golf? Perhaps this was advertising sleek gloves, you ask? No. The newest golf club? Not quite. I'll go easy on you, since you're stumped. Here was the text next to this photo:
Golf and cigars. They are nearly synonymous with each other. Yet, until now, the cigar smoker on the links was forced to carry his prized smokes in less than ideal conditions. Let the Armored Humidor join your foursome. The Armored Humidor features a watertight, unbreakable case that meets military specs for high impact, humidity, and immersion. Inside, the leak-free, maintenance-free humidification system maintains constant relative 70% humidity regardless of outside conditions. Three sizes and five colors are available.


Eric Hagedorn said...

You forgot to say where you found this advertisement for a golfer's cigar a women's restroom!

Faith said...

Yes, Eric. That was marketing genius! What better place to attract golfers who smoke cigars than in a women's restaurant!

Maybe I'm naive, but when I think of golfing, cigars don't factor into the picture. Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe I can envision it in the country club lounge rather than the course, but then the Armored Humidor loses its attraction.

Aunt Carol said...

My guess is that the advertisement was in the women's restroom was for the gals to purchase this "wonderful" and thoughtful : ) item for their spouse or boyfriend (or God forbid, a dad)as that perfect gift. Who knew? Just what the average golfer needs!