Sunday, January 28, 2007

Knit One, Slip Two

There's something about being around someone knitting or crocheting that makes me wish I had yarn nearby. It's the perfect pursuit when watching TV or talking with friends.

This has happened the last two Friday nights: someone surrounded with the goodness of yarn and my hands mourning the absence of my needles. So midweek I was curled up in our family room with an unfinished blanket on my lap, crocheting as Eric read philosophy.

With all the snow we received in the last twenty-four hours, this weekend possessed the ideal environment to again settle down on the sofa and finish a project I started over Christmas. Meet Sheldon, a brainchild from the website Knitty.

Sheldon taught me many new things, but the steps were clear. It was daunting but gave me just enough of a challenge to stretch myself without being so out of my league as to make me give up. Sheldon will reside in the toy chest for the enjoyment of our nieces and nephews until our own children come along.

For inquiring minds, this turtle's shell does indeed come off.

But he's a little bashful in his nudity, so he will likely remain shelled for much of his life, aside from a spin cycle or two.


Charity said...

Lovely work sister. I made a hat this weekend from "Stitch 'n Bitch." It looks pretty sweet.

Faith said...

Do tell--which hat did you make?

Charity said...

I made the "Devil/kitty hat" only without the little horns/ears. I plan on posting a picture on lj sometime soon.

donnac1968 said...

Your Sheldon is lovely, great colour combination, I love green and purple together. I just started mine this morning, but am using a sock weight yarn and 2.5mm DPNs so he is going to be very small.