Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Since I'm at an institution of higher learning, I don't have the opportunity to savor amusing typos or blatant ignorance to the extent that I once did. Periodically, though, such gems still cross my path.

For instance, take the faculty member who encouraged me to retrieve some information from prospective students that could be, in turn, useful for the 'Admonitions' committee. I then pictured said committee chastising students about their responses: "No, that is not really what you want to do! What were you thinking to suggest that's your aim?! We would have admitted you, but we're still reeling from your ill-conceived answers."

Or another example emerged once Exam 2 grades for an upper-level science class were entered and uploaded last week. Soon after scores were posted online, one student wrote the professor, asking if he could give her the average of her two exams. He did not deign to reply.

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