Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Thursday

I have been quite busy as of late. It's probably no surprise that I finished another pair of socks (stock pattern from Interweave Knits 2000 -- while I intend to branch out soon, I don't like to mess with a good thing). And I'm not too far from another pair being done. In fact, I started knitting before the high-school group at church. It calms me during the loud chaos before, and it's actually a good conversation starter. I vow that I will teach a high-schooler to knit before all is said and done (as long as Eric and I stick out the awkward beginning volunteer time and actually develop some relationships).

And there's been another project up my sleeve. Here's a glimpse:

Any idea what this zippered pouch could hold? It even has a removable strap.

Give up? It's a sleeve for my new laptop.

That's right. I have switched from my desktop to a laptop, and I'm quite delighted. Much time was spent transferring files over, but I'm pretty much set.

I considered (and actually began) knitting a case, but it was quite time-consuming and I feared it would stretch out with use, so I switched to fabric. I did fight with it as I attempted to sew in my first zipper. It took a few tries and lots of time with the seam ripper before it was satisfactory. I won't say it's without error, as the corners caused me to come up with some creative solutions, but I don't mind going out in public with it, and I like the fact that few actually realize that small pouch holds a laptop. Furthermore, this is one of the first times I've worked a project without a set pattern, so I'm surprised it came out. Apparently I have this idea that I need set directions. In fact, I hate deviating from recipes and patterns and remain in awe of those who can alter either without a second thought, so I'm somewhat aghast that I just whipped this out.

Currently, we are entertaining my youngest sister Charity. She was to take Amtrak all the way here earlier this week, but as can be the case with trains in the summer, there were some major delays due to rail construction. She was to leave Iowa around 8 AM and didn't depart until almost 2 PM. No surprise that we chose to meet her in Chicago instead of forcing her to arrive in the middle of the night (in addition to having to reschedule her last leg of the trip, as it was long gone).

When we arrived at Union Station, well in advance of her arrival, I amused myself with my camera, Eric dutifully trotting alongside. There was quite the variety of subjects just waiting to be captured.

Here's the stock Union Station photograph.

Near the ticket counters was a small garden with some bright flowers.

Not too far from those was a fountain.

And there were some creative lamps casting out slight lighting.

Let us not forget the stone stairs, showing evidence of the thousands of people who have trod upon them.

I'll spare you with the many others taken of clocks, benches, arcade games, ticket counters, and the glass ceiling. And the stories of three requests for money from different individuals in the span of about half an hour.

Instead, let me introduce you to a delightful couple that has taken up residence at Notre Dame's reflection pool.

Forgive them for being shy. They were in the midst of their choreographed swimming routine and I didn't want to interrupt.


Carly said...

Nice socks. Someday I will get to socks. But there is a line for 5 baby presents.

Oooh. And nice bag. Although I am disappointed with the Mac. There is still time for you to leave the darkside, though. :)

Rachel said...

Sweet MacBook! Where'd you get it? Did you use Eric's stu disco? How do you like using it? If you ever want to video chat let me know, my AIM name is chalkgirl =) =) =)

Faith said...

Carly, I must caution you to quit your hatin'. I can be quite the savvy PC operator, but there are some fun perks to a Mac. Just you wait until you see all it can do...

And Rachel, we did use the educational discount -- did you know faculty and staff also apply? I think that was somewhat news to me (the staff part). My laptop and I are still in the honeymoon stage; I've worked on them before, but this is the first I've owned. I am quite willing to video chat (I've thought of new books to discuss), but I must admit I would need a tutorial. That's the thing with this new toy -- I know I'll be constantly discovering new functions in the lifetime of my still-unnamed lappy.