Monday, June 04, 2007

Ostentation in Two Acts

Last night, after a warm-up game, Eric and I ended the night with another rousing round of Pretentious Scrabble. Our theme? Things culinary. Seeing as how our tastes run to the simple, this was actually difficult at times. If you examine our board, however, I think you'll only find one instance of breaking from our topic.

In a further example of putting on appearances, a squirrel scurried ahead of me to scale a tree as I left work. That, in and of itself, is nothing to gawk at. His find, however, had me taking a closer look. For it appears campus squirrels have tired of the nuts in their native form. Instead, they've taken to having them covered in a delectable mix of chocolate and caramel with a hint of crispy rice. Yes, this swank squirrel prefers the Nestle 100 Grand in a handy snack size.

Once he noticed my attentions, he even affected this seemingly unstudied air as he subtly tried to release his treat.

(For the record, I do hope he was unsuccessful.)


Carly said...

You have certainly been busy. Nice sock. (I started my own!)

Doug won't play Scrabble with me (or my mom) anymore because we yelled at him for spelling words like "poop". We are very competetive and he lacks strategy and is a sore loser.

Carly said...

competitive. I can spell, really.

Faith said...

While I am competitive, I just have to deal with the fact that Eric will beat me nine times out of ten. It doesn't help that I'd rather play a 'cool' word that won't earn me points compared to a simple, short one that will earn me triple. Oh, pride.

And I'm anxious to see your sock, and the yarn you chose!