Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year's Eve and Snow

My sister Hope called yesterday to share a story. One of her daughters was found crawling around the room, and when Hope asked her what on earth she was doing, she replied, "I'm being a turtle, like the one Faithy gave me." Rumor is that Sheldon and her new doll accompany her to bed every night, as well as tag along during the day. I'm glad to hear it.

The weather here, true to Midwest form, has fluctuated greatly. When we left for the New Year's Eve party last week, there was plenty of grass visible. We played games and at the stroke of midnight, we pulled Christmas crackers (a contribution of a British friend in the group). Here are Eric and I in our hats:

For those unfamiliar with Christmas crackers, as I was, they are little novelties common in England. Two people each grab an end and pull wishbone-style, revealing the inside contents. They generally have the above hats, as well as a little trinket and a less-than-funny joke. Traditionally they are opened at Christmas dinner, and some families will wear the hats throughout the meal, even making a contest of whose flimsy hat remains intact the longest.

Shortly after midnight, we were astonished to look outside and see several inches of snow deposited, and still heavily falling. It was beautiful, and I was glad that it was New Year's, so that I was awake to enjoy it.

It's not that the snow has stopped falling in this one below, but I used the flash in the above one to give you an idea of the size and intensity of the flakes. All of the snow on the vehicles is new. (The birdfeeder picture at the beginning of this post is from a day or so later, when another couple inches were added.)

It was perfect snow for a snowman (and snowball fights, but I was 'Switzerland' and just focused on Frosty).

Alas, he's gone, I'm sure, what with the temperatures in the fifties today. Apparently, tomorrow could hit 61 degrees, which boggles the mind in early January.

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David said...

I'm really glad we were up to see it also. What a great new year's eve.