Thursday, April 17, 2008

(More on) A Wedding and Some Sewing

Several weeks back Heather and Chad safely returned from their honeymoon, and today I received a package of souvenirs from them, so I'm going to eek out another story or two on that front.

We were only in Iowa for three nights, the first two of which I spent with Heather while Eric stayed with Chad. At the reception Eric informed me that he could no longer allow me to
spend two consecutive nights away. During the second night, he had two separate dreams where I was kidnapped and held for ransom. He would awake suddenly, only to find the bed empty.

Also, my first-grade niece, while making a card for Heather's bridal shower a couple months ago, also made me a card, to be delivered when I arrived for the wedding. She's beginning to write on a regular basis now, but I don't always have a lot of her creations, so I was tickled to get a card from her. The envelope consisted of scrap paper taped together, and she had fashioned a haphazard bow out of the strips left over from the old paper used for dot-matrix printers.

When I opened the envelope, I saw half a heart covered in glitter.

The message was visible when you opened the heart completely. I've included a picture of it for you.

If you can't read the message, it says, "To Faith and Eric have a happy wedding from Kaitlyn."

When I asked her if she thought I was the one getting married, she said, "Sort of." I loved her card since it's cute and misguided, so it's now preserved in a frame with glass for the backing so both sides of it can be viewed.

The last few months I've been in a creating mood. In addition to my regular knitting jaunts, my sewing machine has been getting a workout. For Heather and Chad's wedding, I made them a lap quilt (seen above). For my two sisters with April birthdays, I made a couple bags. I forgot to take a picture of Charity's reversible bag before sending it off, but here is Hope's. This pattern I found here.

Meanwhile, I made a couple bags for myself; I couldn't resist making the identical one of the above (although I confessed to Hope that I learned how to add several pockets to mine even though the pattern had none). I have gotten many compliments on it, passing on the link to half a dozen co-workers. My favorite story so far was while buying stamps in the post office. The postal employee effused, "Show me the bag you made with the fabric from Hancocks!" She had quite the eye.

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