Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Letter to My Daughter: Six Months Old

Dear Brennan,

I can hardly believe that today marks six months of life for you - where has the time gone?!

You have changed a lot in the last month.

For starters, on the day I wrote your last letter (February 18th), you started sitting up. You were a little uncertain initially, but now you're a champ. You love to spend a lot of time just watching and playing. I love how your dad, though, still surrounds you with pillows. Admittedly, I sometimes do the same, but it's extra endearing to see him so attentive.

Your favorite toys tend to be ones that make noise: rattles, songs, and crinkly pages rank high in your book.

You also evicted yourself from our bedroom at night. We realized you'd outgrown the weight limit of the bassinet level, and you absolutely refused to sleep in the bottom of the pack and play, which led to some long, exhausting nights in the recliner until we decided we'd transition you to the crib. Since you nap there during the day, it was not hard for you to sleep soundly at night.

We have a video monitor, and it's amusing to see you as you stir. You're aware that, if we're not in the nursery's recliner when you awake, we will walk through the door located near your head. You will crane your neck and start staring that direction, just waiting for us to enter. I love that we wake to your chatter - it's precious to see you happy to welcome the day.

Another cute development has taken place when we're changing you. Dad still loves to keep you in sleepers during the day when you stay around the house because of their convenience, but on days you're wearing an outfit, you giggle hysterically when we pull something off over your head. It's far better than the alternative of screaming or being upset, and it makes us dissolve in giggles as well.

You have been a champ at sleeping again, for almost the last month. I think it was a combination of migrating to your crib and just outgrowing that sleep regression. I fear, though, that the six-month sleep regression is upon us. You've been waking an hour or more earlier than your norm (a blessed 8 AM occurrence, right on the dot), culminating in a 5:30 wake-up call today. The comfort, if this continues, is that it's temporary. It may last 4-6 weeks, like last time, but it will come to an end. Daddy's hoping today was a fluke, as you did fall asleep last night at 7 PM. We woke you a couple times to feed you before we went to bed, but you were pretty wiped.

Teething is still strong. You've started bringing toys to your mouth, a nice change from your fingers or fist. No teeth have popped through yet, but it probably isn't too far off.

You've also taken to helping Daddy when he gives you a bottle; just about every time he feeds you he says you will take over holding the bottle for an ounce or more.

Your daytime naps are still only 30 minutes a pop at four different times, which makes it seem like you're never down for long. When you change the routine and surprise us with a 2-hour nap, we're beside ourselves as we hardly know what to do in your absence and have no warning when these stretches will occur. One day last week I was reading my Kindle in the other room, thinking I'd only have about 20 minutes to relax until it was time to play again, and as the minutes kept marching by, I just kept reading, sure any second you'd stir. I think I read about 90 minutes that stretch - quite a treat!

Your hair is slowly thickening; no longer is it likened to peach fuzz. You are solidly in 6-9 month clothes, and have been for at least the last month. When placed in your walker, inherited from your cousins, you will make your way across the floor. I took a video of the first time you were in it on a tile floor. You made halting motions until Dante ran past you, and then you took off after him.

I'm still so enamored with you. You're the model of a perfect baby. You are just fussy enough to remind us you're human, but you beam that grin at everyone and babble to yourself or anyone who will listen, stare excitedly at the cats, and just in general add much joy to our days.


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