Thursday, September 01, 2011

Etsy Giveaway

I've been meaning to share that I've opened an Etsy shop. I feel a little weird drawing attention to myself (I am truly an introvert), but just pretend you don't notice my embarrassment. I figure if I give something away while mentioning it, it's not as bad, right?

So, the back story. I love to create things, whatever the medium. Both of my parents and all of my siblings have a creative bent as well, so I come by this honestly. I get my feet wet in some new hobby, and then it just consumes me for a while until I come up for air.

I suspect my shop will evolve, showing whatever my passion is at that given moment. I've really been enjoying my sewing machine, mainly because I can see a finished project a little faster than with my knitting needles. After all, there appears to be something -- or, rather, someone -- keeping me occupied as of late.

I've had friends of friends send requests for handknit items, specifically for little boys, as they say cute boy clothing is hard to come by. I'm still working on designing a cute little boy's vest, but perhaps some will appear before too long.

Right now I am focusing on items for children - no big surprise, since I have the cutest model on hand. This ranges from baby pants ideal for children who are cloth-diapered to wool diaper covers and diaper wipes.

And I love to make handmade cards, so I've listed a variety of those.  Some are suitable for a baby shower or to welcome the arrival of a new baby.

And some are blank and are for any occasion.

I also have a few list takers for sale; these are quilted pieces that hold a small legal pad, pen, and an extra pocket for any other receipts/papers/cards/lists you need to keep.

In honor of the new shop, I wanted to do a giveaway here for one of my list takers.  (In the interest of full disclosure, there's a minor imperfection on this one; I was worried the elastic closure was going to pull free, so I reinforced it with thread on the outside, but I still love the thing -- it's my favorite -- so I trust one of you will as well.)  If you prefer one in my shop to the one below and I pick your name, you'll have the option to substitute.

All you need to do to enter is take a look at my shop and either tell me your favorite item or an item you think I should carry. In addition to the boy vest mentioned above, I've toyed with offering stitch markers, knitting bags, zippered pouches, leggings, bibs and the like. Any of these tempt you? What am I overlooking?

I'll draw the winner from the comments on September 10th and then contact them for their address. Also, when you comment, make sure there's a way for me to reach you (via your blog, Ravelry, Etsy shop, email address, etc.). If you don't leave a way for me to get in touch with you, I'll post the winner's name here and wait 48 hours for them to contact me. If they don't, I'll pick a new winner.

And should you be so inclined to want to make a purchase from my shop, through September 30th I am offering a 10-percent-off discount code in honor of my and my daughter's September birthdays. Just enter the code birthday10 at checkout and the discounted price will be calculated.


~Amanda said...

Love it, Faith! I have always been big on lists, and now that I have to document (food) in and (poo) out for Tate, I am going to be carrying a notebook with me wherever I go. As for what to have in the shop - what about a Noah's Ark knit set of animals? I know you made some knitted animals once. I love Noah's Ark stuff. You could even make a simple brown "bag" as a boat to hold all the animals. Also, on the list takers, I truly love this idea, but I prefer the spiral bound notebook over the legal pad. What if you added a piece of elastic to go from top to bottom to the right of the pen holder - then you could either have two pockets for a spiral bound or use the back pocket for a legal pad. I think a size bigger would be awesome too - for a regular sized notebook (are they 8.5x11?).
P.S. If we were still cloth diapering, I'd be buying your big butt baby pants. Those are hilarious, but necessary! Preston was a husky kid with big thighs and booty and so he just didn't wear pants when we were at home and when we had to go out he wore sweat pants or disposable dipes because regular pants wouldn't fit. It was my only dislike about cloth diapering.

~Amanda said...

I was looking at your older knitting posts and followed a link to Amazon, which had one of those "if you like that then you might like...this!"
Double 'em and you've got some Noah's Ark animals! I might have to look for a crochet book like that so that I can make some. I have tried knitting a few times, but I think years of crocheting has my left hand trained to just grab instead of do anything. Plus, I think it's a little bit cooler to say that I'm a (crochet) hooker, than to say I knit. ;-)

lorraine said...

what a lovely giveaway! this would come in handy for my designing..i would love to see knitting related things..since im a crazy knitter..and there are more of us out there..i love the idea of stich markers and project bags..thanks! raineoc!

Huncut Knitter said...

I love the cloth diaper butt pants! Big cloth baby butts are so cute! The baby card is making me feel all awww! though too. I'm not sure what else you could make, I like the animal idea. Have you ever considered making the cloth diapers themselves? I know there are a ton out there though already. Or little baby shoes maybe? Stitch markers would be good, and so would knitting/project bags.