Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Airline Fun in Indiana

You have to love airline delays! Last night we returned from visiting Indiana Univeristy. From Chicago to Indianapolis we flew on a small jet, and we sat in it on the runway for at least two hours before we had clearance to fly into Chicago. Chicago was having some weather issues, so we spent our lunchtime with our stomachs growling in the stationary plane. Then we arrived safely in Chicago, only to run to the other end of the terminal in the small chance we could make our connecting flight; it was finishing boarding and was about ready to take off. I don't recommend running around carrying luggage as your stomachs are empty. It was the first time I was slightly worried about getting sick on a flight. Nevertheless, we made our tight connection and didn't have to deal with the hassles of spending an unintended night in Chicago and explaining to Eric's superiors why he is not yet back at work.

The experience at Indiana University pleasantly surprised Eric, but he's fairly sure it won't be his final destination. At Indiana, we received the customary tour, appointments with individual professors, invitations to grad seminars, and a dinner with several of the current grad students in the home of a professor.

This decision has been difficult for Eric; everyone has been so generous and accommodating that it is going to be hard to turn down all but one of the schools. I'm not sure he realized to what extent people would be catering to him in an attempt to woo him to their program. The final decision, while we suspect we know what it is, will be decided in the next couple weeks.

Meanwhile, this week is my spring break, and while traveling can be an appealing venture, it certainly isn't a restful one. I'm ready to spend some time being home without the daily demands of teaching...and I'll attempt to grade 140 student essays before next Monday sometime between trying my hand at knitting socks and sewing a quilt. Very domestic of me, I know.

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