Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow Days and Awkward Citations

As I watched the radar last night, the storm was approaching the area, but seemed to skip the Cities. I decided to temper my emotions and plan on a school day. Fortunately, however, I wasn't disappointed. Today brings enough snow and wind to keep me at home. I do feel guilty, however, for those people that still have to go out in this. Farmers, for instance, never get a day off, even when the weather is treacherous. Eric has made me mindful of this, as his dad has a dairy farm and Eric grew up dreading iffy weather.

As I am holed up, I am grading the last batch of assignments. One is a mini-research project. Students were to write a small summary of what they learned and include a visual and a citation. Most projects have been great and I've been pleased. One in particular that I just graded had this for the citation, even after my laborious focus on how to write the bibliographic information: "The Golden Gate Bridge, Hagedorn's shelf." Some will never learn.

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