Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Difference Between Men and Women

Two likely responses to the question, "How was your day today?"

Female Response
It was nonstop, but I enjoyed it. I photocopied midterms for several classes and graded those that the professors dropped off, creating question analyses for each exam. I updated the department webpage with upcoming seminars and publications. I helped sort mail. Someone wanted to FedEx some fish and another wanted the protocol for sending two gallons of ethanol -- it was too much of a hassle, with all the biohazard fees and special packaging, so they nixed the idea. Phone calls were transferred to the proper people, with only a couple lost when things got tricky. We came up with a better presentation format for the graduate pictures and started incorporating the changes. I billed grants for necessary funds. Then I created a poster for a lecture series next month; I'm especially proud of the background. I also made a call to figure out how to set up my voicemail. Some graduate forms were processed for students who are ready to defend their dissertation or who need to be admitted to candidacy. Then I collected the necessary signatures. When I had a chance, I gathered some information for a report that needed to be processed. Then it was time to head home.

Male Response
My day was fine.


Denise Biechler said...

Faith - Dont' know if this is the place to say this, but you have one of the best blogs I've read. National Public Radio is advertising for a full time blogger. Don't know the pay but you can view the requirments at and go over to the top right and read the blog column. Except for the lack of 5 years of journalism experience, you should have as good a chance as anyone. I always plan to comment on various essays and I don't take the time. I promise I'll let you know how good they are in the future. Let me know if you pursue the npr blog job.
Denise Biechler

Faith said...

Thanks for your comments, Denise (I'm not sure you realize how difficult it is to type that instead of address you as Mrs. Biechler!). I welcome your specific comments on essays, and not just because you're a former English teacher of mine...