Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wherein We Learn What Awaits our Heroine: Continued Vacation, or a New Vocation?

I somehow made it through the weekend, filling my time with books and craftiness (craftiness defined as the obsolete meaning dexterous and not the current underhanded).

Keeping distracted was no small feat when you consider a certain husband of mine still had class on Labor Day, so our schedule didn't vary for the holiday. I nevertheless maintained a semblance of routine even though I knew today would force me to a decision: either delightful news of employment or the dreadful task of beginning the search anew with few prospects in sight.

Today arrived and I began willing the phone to ring. Apparently my efforts were misplaced, as my cell phone, previously the receptor of calls, remained silent, but our infrequently used landline brought closure to my job search.

I was kindly offered gainful employment, helping to manage graduate students in a science department. Naturally, I graciously accepted. Yes, as of next Monday, pending the results of my background check and my first "hair sample" drug screening, I will begin working alongside another as she finishes her tenure and I begin mine.

I must say I will anticipate the end to my leisure. I enjoy vacations, but I struggled staying content when I didn't know when the end would come. I'm afraid this issue will haunt me when I am faced with retirement; I will either never retire or be someone extensively involved with volunteering when I do so.

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