Thursday, July 05, 2007

First Comes Love, Then Comes Hubris

One perk of timing our anniversary immediately following a national holiday is that we are always guaranteed to have the day before it off, if not an extended weekend.

In fact, we often begin celebrating our anniversary on the Fourth. This year was no different and found us celebrating a nice dinner out last night. We had an anniversary discount, so when our waitress returned to our table with the credit reflected in our bill, she parted with the words, "Happy Fourth!" My instant thought was "How did she know we've been married four years?!" until I realized she was referring to something a little larger than our marriage. Lucky for me that I'll only make that mistake once.

To continue with the literary allusions, we have the anti-Midas touch. In the last week, we have replaced a DVD player, sunk money into my car, tinkered inside a laptop with dubious results, and bemoaned the state of my digital camera as it interchanged between complaints of 'Zoom Error' and 'Focus Error.' Unless it can be revived through some laying on of hands and saintly intercession, I do fear that I will need to send it into the Great Beyond.

You may want to keep us far from appliances, off of airplanes, and away from babies until this passes.


Carly said...

Yeah, Doug broke his computer, his sister's computer and his xbox all in the same week... I wouldn't let him touch my computer to order replacement parts :)

Mrs. Knapp said...

Just remember - these things are only supposed to happen in threes! ;-)