Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30

On this, Harry Potter's birthday, it seems appropriate to post on such a subject. First, background.

I've been in physical therapy for over a month now, recommended so as to do away with residual back and neck pain from my semi encounter.

The Friday before the final Harry Potter book was to be released, I was making conversation with my therapist:

Me: "So have you been following the Harry Potter books?"

Him: "No, but I've been watching the movies and I've really enjoyed those.... That's right, the final book comes out tonight."

Me (likely trying to rein in my anticipation): "Um-hum."

Him: "I hear Harry dies."

Me, aghast: "No! I don't want to know!"

Him, penitent: "Well, I don't know for sure. I think Voldemort has to be destroyed, but maybe Harry doesn't have to be the one to do it. The latest movie had the prophecy stating that they couldn't both live, but my theory is that Dumbledore will be the one to kill him."

Me, admittedly with some spite as I let go the climax of Book 6: "But Dumbledore's already dead..."

Him, as he sees I've had my revenge: "NO!"

Fast-forward one week. The assistant is checking my progress while I am face down. Then I hear a whisper in my ear: "So...does Harry die?" In muted tones, I attempt to fill her in, a difficult task when she hasn't heard of horcruxes nor the Deathly Hallows.


Anonymous said...

I liked that story. And thank you for using my picture of the book. May I ask how you found it?

Faith said...

Shelley -- in answer your question, many Flickr photos have the 'Blog This' option available, so I like to do a search for an appropriate photo that matches my mood in the blog post (I've grown used to the colorful addition and can find it hard to post without one!). Flickr creates a link from my post to the picture's origin, allowing any of my readers to click on your picture to direct them to your Flickr page. Thanks for the picture, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

Carly said...

I was wondering, actually, why you were going to physical therapy when you told me the story last week. I've had some near encounters... I was cut off by a semi once and my poor bird - in his cage- was slammed into the dash (I was going home for Christmas. He usually doesn't go for joy rides). I buckle him in now.

200 pages left...

Anonymous said...


My warranty expired in December, so that sucks. However, a fellow student at seminary has offered to give me his old computer, so major financial setback averted. Thanks for asking. With respect to HP, I've had moms tell me that their children think I look like him. What say you? Do I look like a pre-adolescent boy?

Faith said...

'fraid so, Tony. Since there are seven books out now, though, you can hold to the hope that you've also aged with Harry, now appearing in your late teens.