Sunday, August 12, 2007

Worlds Colliding

Philosopher-Eric and Relationship-Eric collided this past week. First, background.

When the weather is pleasant, I spend my lunch outside knitting. Kindred spirits approach and ask questions, as it can be nearly impossible to resist the siren song of yarn. One such woman stopped on multiple occasions, checking my sock progress. I encouraged her to attempt a sock, she tried to win me over to sweaters.

Further conversation revealed that Walking-Craftswoman was a serious quilter and that Wednesdays found several women with their quilting projects gathered together. While I have dabbled in quilting for my youngest sister, I used the machine. Walking-Craftswoman encouraged me to drop by for introductions; one woman's reputation preceded her as I had previously found her in the wild (read: parking lot) with her quilt-in-progress, gathering her supplies before the workday. I would surreptitiously attempt to gawk at her work as I followed a step behind on the sidewalk. These people quilt by hand. I knitted in their presence. And I have an invitation to return, even with my yarn.

Ultimate-Quilting-Woman happens to be linked to the philosophy department, which explains Eric's connection to this affair. Suddenly his wife is interacting with individuals in his world, encroaching on his turf. Truly an invasion on my part.

Since Eric's distinct and separate worlds suffered damage, consolation may be necessary. Now that I have entered Philosopher-Eric's world and have established relationships with those Eric has reason to know, one can only imagine what can now be wrought.

Somehow I think he'll make it through. Especially since he'll be distracted by his written comprehensives this week. Send happy thoughts to him Monday and Wednesday.

And one final update: my digital camera groaned its last, and since rumors have it that it will cost me more to repair than it is worth, an acquaintance with a knack for taking things apart and magically repairing them is tinkering with it (we know what the issue is but don't have the resolve to do it ourselves). For a time, I had been able to gimp out a shot, which required much turning on and off and thinking happy focusing thoughts. Then she snapped her last shot.

I hesitantly entered the market for cameras, but couldn't bear to replace mine with just another camera: I didn't want to upgrade financially, but those in my price range had me settling and offered fewer features than my current paperweight (she was truly a steal with her 'beginner to amateur professional' offerings). My solution: buy a refurbished model online for half the original cost. I'm glad to have my camera's twin now in my possession, and she has settled in nicely. Augustine has made her feel right at home, which is half the battle.

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Carly said...

I browsed digital cameras today while Doug worked on getting a new TV (Circuit City refused to pay for the repair... so we got a "comparable TV" which actually meant an upgrade to 32" LCD!!). Anyhow, I'm really irritated that I can't find a camera with CompactFlash memory (as I have 2g of hispeed memory). :(