Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Then and Now

Per Rachel's request, here are some before and after photos. I had trouble finding a photo of just me, but here's one that was taken last November at the knitter's Christmas party. This was just a week or two before being diagnosed with insulin resistance.

And here is what a difference forty pounds make -- sorry for the head chop, but I'm not adept at taking my own picture. Besides being four sizes of clothes smaller (I know!), I particularly notice the change in my face when I compare it to my work ID or license. And looking at this, I notice I need to hem my pants.

So there you go! Don't you want to join me in my insulin-resistance diet? I'm on it forever!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'll Take "Or Something" for $200, Alex

I’ve now lost 40 pounds since Thanksgiving, and I admit I wonder when it will stop, although the end is in sight. It’s certainly not annoying me because I understand my body will eventually plateau once it feels I’ve reached a healthy point, but I feel like I keep buying clothes, but “nothing” ever fits.

My favorite reaction to the weight loss was when one of our students who had been pursuing medical school for a couple semesters came back to defend his thesis. I saw him in the hallways and he glanced at me blankly and then looked away. I wished him luck, and he did a double-take. He said, “Oh, I didn’t even recognize you. You changed your hair or something.”