Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A Letter to My Newest Daughter: Anticipating Your Arrival

Dear daughter,

I'm writing this after midnight when I ought to be asleep but I just can't stay down. Our alarms are set to go off in a little more than four hours from now and I can't believe the day is finally here: we will meet you very soon! Some of our superficial curiosities will be answered: Will you have hair? If so, how much? What color will your eyes be? What is your size? Who will you look like?

You have a big sister who is "so 'xcited" to meet you because "I love babies", and you have parents who can't wait to meet you and welcome you into our family. You are also blessed with amazing family (and friends who are like family) who are also anticipating your arrival. I can't speak to the cats, though - they may be the ones least interested in this development.

I'm feeling you move around inside me, and I try to take an extra moment to pause and remember. This is a feeling I will never experience again. Just as I tried to savor some special (yet ordinary) moments with your big sister on her final day of being an only child, so I am trying to savor the last moments of pregnancy. You remain inside me for such a limited amount of time, and then we will get to hold you and begin the journey of discovering more about you.

You have the honor of entering the world on my youngest sister's birthday. I am sure it will be no surprise to you to learn that I am close to my three sisters, and I wish the same closeness for you and Brennan, if not always as you grow, at least when you become adults.

As you enter the world on Charity's birthday, though, I hope you will have more in common with her than just a birthday. May you have the same passion for life that she does. May you possess strong convictions. May you love others unabashedly and without restraint. And may you be generous in spirit and in deed.

These early days and weeks may pass in a sleepy haze for me, but I trust it will be filled with wonder for all of us as we become a family of four and realize how your presence fits so seamlessly into our lives.

Much love,
Left photo: taken the day I gave birth to your big sister; Right: taken three days ago