Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friends, Iowans, and Kin: Lend Me Your Stories

I am furiously writing for NaNoWriMo, and if you take a look at the counter in the right margin, you can see how I am doing on any given day towards reaching the 50,000 word goal.

I'm not sure it would be feasible if I were still teaching or if I had children. Having a one-hour lunch is such a luxury during this time, and even while not writing the whole time, I can often get in about 1,000 words. And then I retreat home or venture out in the evenings to get in a few more hundred words. Eric is supporting this undertaking by offering Panera gift cards, which I find impossible to refuse.

What is my topic? Well, I suppose I am cheating by not doing a novel per se. But I am attempting to do something in the vein of Joan Didion's
A Year of Magical Thinking or C.S. Lewis' A Grief Observed. In that realm, I am reflecting on Jon's life and death and the changes I have gone through. I've dug up some of my writing from the last few years to remind me of the emotions and events that have already become hazy with time so that I can include them.

How can you help me reach my final wordcount? Share your stories. My memories of Jon are limited. What are your favorite memories of him? Any special anecdotes or conversations? How did you reconcile his death? How have your emotions evolved over time? What brings him suddenly to mind? Anything you want to share I want to read. Go ahead and email me with them. I certainly wasn't privy to everything Jon did, so as minor as your memories might seem, they will still be something I would appreciate.


Shane said...

This sounds like a fantastic idea, Faith. I'm sorry I never got a chance to know your brother. I hope your effort here proves to be tremendously rewarding.

I miss you guys! Tell Eric hi.

Charity said...

Dear sister,

I was just thinking and thought I would tell a Jon story. When the joyous Simpson watches came out, he had the need to get them. So, Sarah Rich, Jon, and I went to Burger King and got them. It was bulky and green with Krusty on them and at the push of the button yelped "He-hey kids! It's storytime!" Our next plan of action was seeing "White Oleander" at the dollar theatre. Of course, we wanted to share the joy of the watches with the world, so at very dramatic, quiet scenes we would push the button and the theatre would hear, "He-hey kids! It's storytime!" Following, we were all energetic from the movie, laughing and falling on the way out. In my energy I ran from behind, caught Jon in a headlock and sent him completely bent over. We walked that way and in my absent-minded state, managed to run his head into a soda machine.

Mrs. Knapp said...

Congratulations on making your 50,000 word minimum! You are truly an inspiration to those of us who otherwise waste our 50,000 words on less meaningful endeavors (think high school lesson planning). Keep up the great work!!!