Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Let's Suppose

Let's suppose that, since June, I've packed up our old house, moved, then unpacked into our new place.

Let's also suppose I keep pretty busy during my daughter's nap times and bedtimes with housework and exercise. And let's suppose I don't do a lot of knitting when she's awake.

Let's also suppose I've created, photographed, and listed dozens of new items for my shop since June, also accomplished during my daughter's sleeping moments.

And let's suppose she doesn't sleep twenty hours a day. Or even fourteen.

And let's suppose she has had stretches of restless sleep since June as she's gained several new teeth. Let's suppose her parents tag-team evenings and nights in her room, further decreasing free time for the duration of those unhappy periods.

And let's suppose I've also done a lot of knitting, particularly for friends having babies, as well as sweaters and toys for Brennan. And let's suppose I made a lot of handmade gifts for Christmas.

And let's suppose I don't knit while I walk, or while I drive, or while I sleep.

And let's suppose all these socks have been knit since June, in addition to what was already in my dresser.

I recognize the first step is admitting I have a problem.

Let's suppose I'm not there yet.

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