Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Teacher's Confession

I admit it...I long for snow days. Whenever the snow moves in and meteorologists predict several inches of snowfall, I start anticipating all that I will, or will not, do with an unexpected day at home. I wake up bright and early--without any snoozing, mind you--and peer out the window. If there is accumulation on the ground, my spirit starts to soar. I head to the living room, so as not to disturb Eric, turn on the TV and power on the laptop. I get butterflies as I notice the schools scrolling across the bottom of the screen during the morning news. I check my email to see if the news service has sent me a message that my school is closed.

Unfortunately, Minnesota is apparently a southern state. Snowfall has been pitiful these last two years. For instance, the first time the Metro received more than one inch of snow last year was in mid-January. This year hasn't been much better. But I haven't given up hope! Since Friday, there have been predictions of a storm moving in this Sunday night, bringing with it several delightful inches of snowy goodness!

Savor with me this news report from about the coming havoc:

"A cool 6-12" of slushy snow? If storm stays on track this should be the biggest storm of the winter season, possibly the biggest in years for the metro. Last time the metro saw a foot of snow: March, 1999.

Heavy Snow Warning posted....snow may fall at the rate of 2-3"/hr. at times tonight, even accompanied by thunder & lightning, a true 'snow burst'.

Monday rush hour: could be the worst in years, expect triple or quadruple your normal commute time, and widespread school delays and cancellations."

Do you feel it? Are you excited? Far and above, teachers anticipate snow days more than students. Students, after all, are used to inservice days where they sleep in and laze about while their teachers slave away in meetings and workdays. Teachers, however, just want to throw on some hot chocolate, get the gas fireplace going, and relax with a book or movie as we watch the fluffy flakes float down.Will I get my chance to do just that? I'm a few hours away, but hopes are high.

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