Monday, April 03, 2006

And the Winner Is...

As of this weekend, Eric has made his final decision. The grad school that will be our home for the next five or six years is Notre Dame. He has sent off the paperwork declining admission to the other institutions and written gracious emails informing said professors that have been instrumental in answering his queries. Having a decision made is comforting; people can only handle so many unanswered questions at a time!

It is somewhat anticlimactic. Now that we've made this commitment, Eric still has four months of work left. He had let them know last month that he would likely be returning to school. Fortunately, everyone has been completely supportive; some are asking for him, now that he has "parole," to send cigarettes back so they can have some bargaining power in the clink. You must admit, it's hard to distinguish a cubicle from a jail cell.

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