Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Glimpse Into the 'Real World'

This weekend was atypical for us. Friday night we attended a Harry Potter party. Who would have known that Professor Snape and Moaning Myrtle were married? Surrounding yourselves with others who are familiar with the series and are speculating about the final installment was an amusing endeavor. We haven't had much opportunity to delve into the nitty-gritty predictions with others, so it was a welcome venture.

Saturday found us catching up on rest. I have little work to do this weekend, so we indulged in a relaxing Saturday. Lately I've been grading essays or doing extensive planning on my weekends. Yesterday, however, I had the luxury to curl up in a chair, open up all the windows, listen to some music, and read for hours.

I recognize people with "real" jobs don't often have to bring work home with them, so sitting down for hours with a book may be a regular occurence. I just ate it up. Today I'm doing necessary planning, but I should still have a decent day ahead of me, including a pleasant walk in this gorgeous weather. I must savor the freedom while I can!

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