Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Writing Samples

I had to share some more aptly written passages from my students. Here are some more amusing dedications.

From a well-read student:

"I dedicate this to the tourists in pity.

'Why do they call it tourist season if we can't shoot 'em?'

Also to J.R.R. Tolkien for writing such literary legends,
Hayao Miyazaki for his imaginative animation,
And Garrison Keillor for using his mottos. All of them."

From someone who admires her teachers and gives them their due, all the while putting in some parallel structure to make it fluid:

"Dedicated to:
My mom, you were there,
My dad, you gave me the joy of books,
My dogs, you made me laugh until I cried,
And Mr. K., you gave me the gift of science."

Here's another one that is simple in meaning but expressive: "This book is dedicated to my friends for making me laugh so hard all the time I fear one day I shall explode from it all."

And now from a student who is an avid reader but struggles with writing: "I dedicate this to my sister, Issy, because it was as big a pain as she is."

I'm frequently amazed that these students are only thirteen. Sometime I'll share some of the short poems they did during a Poetry Poker exercise. It's astounding how imaginative and clever they are. Something happens to them as they get older, and they lose this innocence and confidence in their skills.

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