Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Exploiting the Email of Others

My youngest sister heads to college next month, and we're savoring a couple days together. She's taken the initiative to make contact with her three roommates, trying to rid any overlaps in goods.

Today one of her roommates with an overly glamorous view of college wrote the following: "I was wondering, I have to go get a new comforter for my bed in the dorm, are we gonna be one of those rooms that like color-coordinates? cuz it doesn't matter to me but I spose some girls would like that?"

Dear me. First, it took every bit of my fiber to not correct her email. And second, Charity has quite the drama awaiting her. I eagerly anticipate stories of what commences when their toothbrushes clash. Don't even get me started on what havoc will be strewn when shampoo bottles aren't coordinated. I'm so embarrassed for them already.

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