Sunday, July 23, 2006

Highlights from South Bend

South Bend received us as guests this past weekend as we closed on our house. We learned a few things over the time.
  • Eric is a superhero because he drove the whole distance with nary a breather from me. Knitting was my consolation--many a dishcloth were born.
  • A likeness of Elvis' face can be found in the rear of a semi trailer. Some may have written the image off as a chance combination of shadows that deflected light and spaces that reflected it, but the astute saw the king.
  • My name is too long to sign closing papers, but I'm well trained for the endurance since as an English teacher, I graded essays in batches of 140, writing comments on each one.
  • Narnia is located in our front yard, as denoted by our delightful lightpole.
  • Police drive modified Intrepids.
  • A radio station played songs like "If I Only Had a Brain," "Moses" from Singing in the Rain, and crackly music. They still erroneously boasted the moniker: Music of the 80's, 90's and today.
  • Homeowners who close long distance are delightful. They're already established in their new home and don't want the hassle of moving any 'leftovers' in the old house. So they leave behind things like a propane grill, a lawnmower, ladders, and two weedwhackers.
  • While eating lunch Friday, we saw a license plate from Alaska with the following personalization: ALA SKA. A few hours later, while waiting at a red light, we had a car approach from the other direction. This time, the car was from Hawaii. And that license plate? HAWAII. I'm still weirded out by this for three reasons: 1) Who personalizes their plate with their state's name? 2) When you're not part of the 48 continental states, why are you driving or having your car ferried over an ocean if you're headed to Indiana? and 3) What are the odds that they both happen to be in South Bend at the same time?
  • Amtrak is a cheap supplement to an airline flight. Spacious seats greet you, guests can wander from car to car, and all the while the train rocks you gently side to side.
  • National baton twirling competitions bring about more drama than is healthy.


Disasters, Catastrophes, & Other Reasons to Laugh said...

I really enjoy your style of writing - let me tell you, it's not often that I enjoy reading other people's stuff! I come from a background, so I don't know - is there a way to add to a friends list?

Faith said...

Thanks for the kind compliment. I understand what it's like to struggle finding entertaining blogs to read, and I'm flattered.

I have to plead ignorance about the 'friends' list. My best advice is to bookmark the link to my page. If someone knows better, they can instruct us both.