Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How to Become a Real Minnesotan

This past weekend I became a real Minnesotan. Just in time, as we're looking to move to Indiana. Wondering how I acquired such a sought-after title? I ventured to my first cabin. Yes, we headed north and even wandered to the Apostle Islands--Madeline Island, to be exact. Sure, that meant we were in Wisconsin, but we were following in the steps of seasoned Minnesotans. With the weather being ideal, I now understand why so many endure the gridlocked traffic in the Cities every Friday afternoon in order to enjoy the solace of nature. I spent a couple hours Saturday morning sitting on a bluff and reading poetry written by my little sister as the birds trilled an appropriate soundtrack to the event.

In our short visit (taken with seven others), we were able to see the shops in town, visit the beach, and lounge with friends on the spacious deck. It was a meaningful time with friends just as one couple is moving out of the country and Eric and I are leaving the area as well.

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