Friday, June 16, 2006

South Bend Update, Part One

In our hotel, we are able to have wireless internet access. Eric checked his daily sites, and claimed Pearls Before Swine was written for me today. Touche.

Our trip here yesterday was uneventful. We spent almost three hours driving around town, trying to get an idea what the neighborhoods were like.
South Bend has such disparity in it; even going down a single street can demonstrate this fact, which was made exceedingly clear to us.

Our travels were fruitful. After all, a picture online can be deceptive to the quality of a home. Since it looks as if we will be in South Bend for five or six years, we're wanting a place that will be easy to sell again in that time; location will have some to do with that.

This morning we met our realtor and spent a few hours visiting homes. When we parted, there were three possibilities that remained. We'll see how they will compare with tomorrow's fare. From today, we could see ourselves potentially living in any of three, but there wasn't a single one that stood out. They all had strong points, but there was something about each one that kept it from being the best fit. For instance, they all seemed solid, but one had a very small kitchen, another was beautiful overall but was very tiny, and so on. There is a steep learning curve, and we're learning a lot.


Aunt Carol said...

Thankfully, you have a counter for the hits to your blog page : ) Tell Eric that Pearls Before Swine does not apply : ) I like to keep track of the two of you. I just don't always comment. What an adventure you're experiencing. How exciting! Once you find that "perfect" house, you might want to consider having a respected home inspector check out the roof, mechanicals, etc. It will probably cost $200 to $400 - but it would be money well spent. If there are defects of any kind, you can negotiate the price. In the meantime, enjoy your adventure. Aunt Carol

Faith said...

Thanks, Aunt Carol!

We certainly plan on having a home inspector look through the place; we don't want to have any more surprises than we have to. Actually, one of Eric's professors has a husband who is a home inspector, so we might even use him if he's available.