Tuesday, June 06, 2006

School Memories: Gifts

Teachers are periodically given gifts. When I completed student-teaching, I received some small gifts from individual students; the one that probably meant the most to me was a card and a small trinket cup that said, "Super Teacher" on the side. These were given to me from some ESL students I had been able to help during their study hall on a couple occasions.

As a high-school teacher, the gifts are scarce. As a middle-school teacher, however, I can boast of my small collection of odds and ends. They range from a pound of coffee from the local establishment to a small radio/travel alarm/calendar combo. Some of these are accompanied by cards, which are gratifying to read and serve as nice mementos.

In my first-hour class, I have two caffeine addicts who regularly frequent Caribou Coffee and finish their drinks during morning announcements. These girls were telling me last week that they should bring me a drink on the last day of school. I smiled, but didn't hold my breath. Students are constantly speaking whatever's crossing their mind at the time, not necessarily meaning it. Tomorrow is the final day of the school year. As I arrived in my room today, one of my addicts walked by and I greeted her. A couple minutes pass and into my room enters the two of them. One asked, "Do you like chai tea, Mrs. H?" while from behind her back she pulled a delicious cup of froth. Oh, joyous refreshment!

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