Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Heaven Help Me if I Ever Go Missing

Tonight Eric turned to me and we had the following conversation.

Eric: You look nice in that shirt.

Me: Thanks. Do you know what you like about it?

Eric: It's one of your two colors. You look really nice in red and green, and that shirt's green.

Me (pausing, trying to decide if I should correct my color-blind husband): Um, thanks. But my shirt's brown.

Imagine the dilemma facing my husband if he ever has to describe to the authorities what I was wearing when he last saw me. Furthermore, there was a season when my husband even thought my eyes were green (you guessed it: they're actually brown).

I can't tease him too much, though. I've learned a lot about color-blindness from him, and he can notice the difference in shades when colors are laid next to each other. The curse of heredity!

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