Wednesday, August 16, 2006

School Memories: Most Grandious Reflection

School has started in the surrounding districts, and my oldest niece is starting kindergarten tomorrow, so it only seems appropriate to include some of my leftover school memories.

Students, long before I came and long after I'm gone, complete the Me Book in seventh grade. Each quarter, the students base their essay on a specific focus (their social characteristics, physical traits, et cetera). At the end of the year, we compile them and have a short unit on editing. Students also add dedications and reflections on the process.

I have shared some of the more memorable dedications, but by far the most verbose reflection had to be from a certain gentleman student of mine. He's a jock through and through, with steady pressure from parents to achieve in his studies.

As I look back at this whole thing, 7th grade, this "Me Book," I realize how important this book was to growing up, to learning life lessons, to making friends. How incredibly important it is, I can't explain to you, but I can express my feelings. This book has made me really reflect on life, and the kind of person I am. This book has helped me as a person, and as a friend. This book has helped me bring out the real...ME.

I'm a cynic to say I think I'd believe it more if I heard this from him in twenty years. But at least he wrote effusely of it at the time.

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